Who can submit


Any person born and/or raised on the island of Ireland who is 18 years of age or older

We accept stories from people of any gender or sexual orientation who feel that they have something to contribute to our understanding of the experience of the LGBT Irish diaspora in accordance with the story guidelines laid out below.

Your story does not have to be about you directly. You can submit a story that is about someone you know who is part of the LGBT Irish diaspora. In this instance you should also focus on how their experience made you feel and informs your opinions. You cannot include any information that might reveal the subject's identity, even if you have their permission. If disclosing your identity will also reveal the identity of the subject you will be required to submit your story anonymously.  

This project specifically looks to understand the experiences of LGBT people who grew up in Ireland and emigrated. This would also include those that left and subsequently returned to Ireland.

You can submit your story anonymously by using a pseudonym.

We do not pay for submissions.

Story content


This story project examines the experiences and feelings of  LGBT people who grew up in Ireland and emigrated. In your story we want you to help us understand;

·   How you felt as an LGBT person growing up in Ireland and why

·   Your decision to leave Ireland and where you went

·  How you feel about your life now and why

·  Your impressions of life in Ireland now

·  Whether you have or would return to live in Ireland and why

We would also encourage you to include details that give a better sense of your experience, such as where you grew up, relationships with family, or details around coming out, etc.  



Your story should be real - we do not accept fiction. Your submission should be original, unpublished elsewhere, and belong to you.  

Submissions should be no more that 1,200 words. 

Submissions can only be made using the submission form below. 

We do not claim ownership of your submission. Should you later decide that you no longer want your story to appear on our website, please contact us and we will have it removed. We reserve the right to use the stories and/or information submitted to the At Home Abroad Project  as a basis or component part of possible future research, projects or reports. Your identity will not be disclosed at any time. 

Please don't submit any content that might be considered to be abusive, hateful, racist, illegal, defamatory, obscene, or factually incorrect.

Be brave and be honest. This isn't really one of our requirements so much as it's a requirement of good stories. This is a difficult thing to do, but we're rooting for you! 

By making a submission you are agreeing to the terms laid out here.



We ask that contributors provide a photo that will appear on the website next to the link to your story. It can be a picture of yourself or of something that seems significant to your story. If you’d prefer not to submit a photo we will use a stock photo of our choosing.

Photo should be

·  A high quality jpeg image

·   A minimum of 500mpx

We may alter  submitted images as necessary to comply with the site's formatting and aesthetics. 

What's next


While we appreciate each submission we receive, we cannot guarantee that every story will make it onto the website. We will make every effort to respond to all submissions but we may not be able to provide feedback on all of them. If you don’t hear from us immediately, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your story has been rejected.

If your story is selected for publication to the website we will contact you to confirm this as soon as possible. One of our editors may want to work with you further to address concerns or to make helpful edits. While we may suggest changes we do not want to in any way compromise your story. If at any time you feel uncomfortable with the edits we are suggesting you are free to withdraw your story. 

Your story may also be featured in the At Home Abroad newsletter